Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Chicken Chili with Rotel

-Green Chilies Diced
-Chipotle Seasoning
-Green peppers
-Whole Wheat Tortillas

First Sprinkle a little bit of the chipotle seasoning to add a little flavor directly to the chicken. Then throw it in a container and add half the jar of green chilies - see picture in meal prepping - then add a few diced up green peppers.

Add 1/4 the jar of rotel - or less than - it doesn't take much for some extra flavor. Stir//shake it up and let it sit for rest of meal prepping time until ready to cook everything.

Save the rest of the rotel, green peppers, and green chilies in separate containers to be used at a later time.

Then after you cook, put away into containers individually. You will be taking the whole wheat tortillas with them when you are ready to eat. 
If you want to eat it by itself or with some spanish rice//brown rice used 1/4 - 1/2 a cup. 

Chicken Wraps

Chicken Wraps

*I use Kirkland brand chicken, you buy it at Costco and it is individually wrapped, and a bag usually costs $16.99

First rinse the chicken, and then separate the fat from the chicken breast
Add a little bit of sea salt to chicken - careful not too much it's powerful

Add a dash or two of cayenne pepper - I just do it to my taste preference

Add some olive oil/vegetable oil to the pan - not a lot just a little pour out the spout
Pour the chicken into the skillet

Add 1-2 garlic cloves (1/2-1 teaspoon) to chicken

Add 1 1/2 tablespoon green chili peppers 

Save the rest!! So you can make more!

While it's cooking, clean up and rinse things off
Use a plastic bag for excess chicken, then throw away immediately - saves your nose!!
I use whole wheat tortillas 

Add cheese if you please, not an over load - right around 1 1/2 Tbsp
Serve up and enjoy!

*You can use Plain Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream if you wish to add to it. 
I like mine just like this, and I eat two and usually full 
If you need a larger meal, add 1/4 cup rice :)

I really hope you enjoy this - it's simple - fast - easy - and full of flavor! I promise!! :) 

Honey Mustard Chicken

Thank you momma

You are such a great cook and so I decided to put this in with my meal prepping! 

Okay, I used a couple simple ingredients. 

-Dijon Honey Mustard
-Johnny's Seasoning Salt

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl. I eye ball everything on this because it is to taste. I first put in the mustard, then I will add honey but not too much because I don't like mine too sweet. I throw a dash of the Seasoning Salt, and then add a splash of beer. Why I use beer - it adds extra flavor, I'm not using much of it so there's hardly any calories, and it cooks well with chicken. 
Everything turns out to taste, if you like your's sweeter, then put more honey, The consistency needs to be thick but not a paste.

 I had to add a little extra mustard in mine, so like I said, everything is to taste :) 

Then you will add the chicken to let it marinate for 15-30 mins

While you are meal prepping, this can sit in the bowl with a lid on for the chicken to soak up the flavor. When you are done prepping everything and ready to start putting things on the stove; take the lid off and it will be ready! 


I put this chicken with asparagus, and rice.

Meal Prepping.

Okay so I didn't have some things so I had to change what I planned on doing, since I used it the night before for meal prepping with someone else :P woops!  I made a couple different types of chicken seasoning, and there will be separate posts for each type of chicken. 

So here's what I had and what I did with it ..

Meal Prepping

Like I mentioned before I use Kirkand // Costco individually wrapped chicken
& These are all the ingredients I used.

This is my first time meal prepping, I learned a lot of what I will be doing better next time, but I am here to share what I do and what is working for me. I have some BETTER ideas for next week and I can't wait to share! Next time it won't be just on the spot.
  1. When meal prepping, you want to be sure to have all the ingredients out and ready to use if you are planning on a couple different meals
  2. Have containers in order to put the planned out meals together and to store in the fridge. 

First,  do your basic pre-meal ritual, wash your hands, your meat, lay it all out on a cutting board.. get your stuff prepared. 

Cut off all the FAT!

Chop it all up or you can keep full breasts too

Honey Mustard Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Chili Chicken
Or you can just create a blend of seasoned chicken with your choice of flavor and add the rest to your meal :)

When you've picked out what season you put on your chicken or what recipe you chose to follow, be sure to get other things going while it is cooking. 


Well my husband is against the skin on carrots for whatever reason, so I of course peal them and make them into fresh carrot sticks. You can keep the skin on and just chop them like I do below.
I cut off the ends and then cut the carrots in half, just enough to fit in a couple small square containers.  
With the picture on the right, I just cut up the rest of the carrots that didn't fit the the containers and put it with the rest of the peppers. I eat green peppers raw and sometimes with a little Italian dressing. Or Goddess dressing. 

Cut all the ends off and rinse the asparagus :) 
 I put a little bit of olive oil (you can use vegetable oil too) minced onions, along with a couple cloves of garlic. Then - place the asparagus in the pan to saute them. When they start getting soft that's when you know they are done. I forgot to take pictures of them close up - but I do have some in the containers at the end. 
You don't want them to be too soft, or too hard. -Depending on how you like it too I guess- But too soft, it will just get soggy and not something you will appreciate a couple days later.

I tried a new kind of rice, I found this at Costco and it's nice because it doesn't take long to cook but it had Quinoa in it and still a healthy choice. 

So when everything is set aside, and finished cooking; it's time to get it all together. 

 For my containers:
I use 1/4 cup of rice and smaller amounts of chicken. I am waiting to get a food scale. :) 
I just keep mine simple, smaller, but lean. 

For my hubby's containers:
I give him a 1/2 a cup - 3/4 cup rice and a bit more chicken. He needs it more than I do :) I will also add 3-5 more pieces of asparagus. 

This is the carrots, the green beans, the peppers, the chicken dinners, all ready and prepped to go for the week. <3 

I hope you all enjoyed this, it was my first time. No worries, I will be getting better and I have been learning so much for new tips and tricks on what to do next. Thanks for reading!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Okay so we struggle with motivation do we not?

I know a lot of people who do, and well myself at times too. I often see people give up after 4 weeks or after 2, 3 weeks even 5 days. We struggle with it because we are not empowering our mind - we are not keeping in mind what matters most. Our goals and our dreams - they are very similar, one just has a deadline does it not? The dreams can be accomplished if we meet our goals, and meet the expectations we set out for ourselves.

So I have a picture that I've been hesitant on posting - because it's out of my comfort zone. Yet when I look at it, I feel SO good about myself. I often find myself struggling with the ideology of what others think and what they WOULD think if I DID post it. Why do I find struggle with it, when it in turn motivates me to do better? To think better? To act better? Because as a woman, I have been told many times. I mean many times by society to stay covered up. (Yet bikini's are okay? :P ) From TV, peers, parents, teachers, grandparents, boyfriends, you name it - it is out there as skanky or too risque if we show more skin than we are supposed to.

Now I'm in the fitness and wellness field and damn it I love how my body is being shaped more and more every day. Coming from lack of motivation and self esteem issues I would never of even taken a picture close to this one, or for that matter in my sports bra, my spandex, hardly in my bathing suit (would delete most that showed my stomach before they ended up on Facebook or anywhere else.) So anyways, I coach people day in and day out, I see beautiful bodies transforming right in front of me! I appreciate what everyone looks like now, healthy isn't [I want to be skinny] Healthy is eating right, exercising enough to make a different pattern, it's healthy thinking about yourself and the confidence, it's allowing motivation to actually motivate you and take you somewhere. 200 lbs 500 lbs 150 lbs, I see it all, I'm proud of it all.
*If my team is reading this now, I love you and I really love your bodies and you as people, I'm proud of where you are taking yourself and what you are doing! *

So back to my body now, It has CURVES!!! and WOWZA I'm proud of myself I did something in my life that I take with me everyday and that I can feel great and look great! So 24lbs of fat later, I still kept my ass and I still kept my womanly parts. I don't have a problem saying it now, and from this picture I am going to do even more, I'm motivated that progress takes time and my fitness goals and my dreams will be accomplished.

Wake up in the morning and know today, YOU WONT QUIT! 
You will keep going towards your goals, because that is what matters!
It isn't the dress or the bikini, it is YOU - YOU have to want it and YOU have to strive for it!
If you don't know how, ask someone who does and who can help you. 
Give it 12 weeks before you give up.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The gym playlist

So my blog is random - and I have realized I have a lot to say about everything haha
- those who know me - shut up :P lol

This is one thing that is SUPER important to me. I mean come on you don't want to be sitting at the gym wasting 5 minutes figuring out what pandora station to listen to or if you should have made a playlist for the gym yesterday. It's just one of the minor things that come up and you wish you would have taken control. Then you have no idea what songs really get you pumped after you've already listened to your favorite 5 on repeat - you're ready for more. If you aren't like that - gold star for you - if you are - well I hope I can help.

Okay for me I like things that will get me motivated. This doesn't always mean playing Disturbed & Dubstep etc.  I need a mixture of everything.  Not just The Eye Of The Tiger Sorry - love it - but not always.

What I need in every play list
at least... 

  • A crazy let's get pumped song - or 5
  • Some sort of "screamo" --> ehh more rock but you get it
  • Reggae 
  • Empowerment song
  • Sexy song
  • Rap song 
  • Dubstep
  • Techno
  • Song from the 80's
  • A few songs from the top 40
  • I'll think of more later but this is what I start with :)
My Playlist - Top 30
I pick my first song on the playlist - whichever I'm in the mood for - then let it be on shuffle so it's never in the same order. 
  1. Latch - Disclosure
  2. Welcome to the Jungle - Guns N' Roses
  3. Ride - Somo
  4. Bounce -  Iggy Azalea
  5. Am I wrong - Nico & Vinz
  6. Ruff Ryders' Anthem - DMX
  7. One for the money - Escape The Fate
  8. Inside the fire - Disturbed
  9. Three Little Birds - Bob Marley & The Wailers (Stephen Marley & Jason Bentley Remix)
  10. Rude - Magic!
  11. Ho Hey - The Lumineers
  12. Lights - Ellie Goulding
  13. Jump Around - House of Pain
  14. Holy Grail - Jay Z Ft. Justin Timberlake
  15. Pusher Love Girl - Justin Timberlake
  16. Can't Hold Us - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
  17. Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin
  18. Woo Boost - Rusko
  19. Electric Feel - MGMT
  20. Walk This Way - Run DMC, Aerosmith
  21. I will not Bow - Breaking Benjamin
  22. Harlem Shake - Baauer
  23. You shook me all night long - AC/DC 
  24. Till I Collapse - Eminem
  25. Click Click Boom - Saliva
  26. Lose yourself - Eminem
  27. Basshead - Bassnectar
  28. Shut Em Down - Celldweller
  29. Bangarang - Skrillex
  30. Sick Tonight -  Dan Le Sac & Scroobius Pip (Doctor P Remix)
  31. I Thought of one more -  Mosh Pit - Flosstradamus or The Pit  - Dr P
&& well that get's me through a good workout - if you have ideas please leave them in the comments to share with others and myself. I know there's a ton of good songs to workout to. Thanks for reading guys and let me know if you like it!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

You're Beautiful

I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am enough. I am strong. I am perfect for me. I am proud of who I am. I have confidence, and I'm so thankful for it. 

My husband tells me how I look beautiful or how great an outfit on me looks; and I never realized how true it is. Now I don't want this to come off the wrong way to people, but I love myself.

I used to look at the imperfections about myself and say how quickly I will get to fixing them. It's like when you put the clay mask on, and your impurities show vividly through. I for one have learned to love them and everything about myself. I am proud of who I am and how I look, I don't need to be a certain way - because the only two men that matter and care - God & my husband - don't care about the way I look or how I have a blemish that happens to be so natural...
They both tell me my beauty is there, and that it shines from inside.

I encourage my fellow women, to sit back and relax. Embrace yourself and all that you are. You are beautiful, strong, amazing, and perfect. Just keep that in mind as you go about your day. 💕

I am so thankful for Herbalife too; it has helped my confidence and helped shape me to be who I am today. I love my SKIN care and everything else about it. 

Plus the mint clay mask is AMAZING. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Random thoughts

Well tonight I am just glad I have the house to myself *Sorry hubby* I mean it in the best way.
I just have been struggling. I think I am lost in "The Fog" and for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about - reference to Dare To Dream, Work To Win by Dr. Tom Barrett. I am stuck in the middle of what I want, what I think I should do about it, actually doing something about it, and just how, where, who, when?!! I have been growing, learning, and showing myself I'm capable of so much more than I thought. Yet what is this struggle I feel I am having?

 Well I figured out I haven't been putting in an effort towards a TEAM. I have some amazing clients and It has moved me up in the market plan, but I have no one to share it with! I really want to bring people to a Success Training Seminar (STS) where the moment you walk in, everything else stops and you want to dance! The music blaring, the people lined up on both sides creating a walkway to high five you - just because you made the decision to show up!! People standing on chairs, singing, dancing, laughing, and yelling at the top of their lungs, just pure joy and happiness and positive energy! Or how about the fact I get to go to Chicago for work in July, it's called the Extravaganza!! How alluring is that?! Well it's just as amazing as it sounds, so my thing is - I want to share that with people!! I want to be able to take some of my experience and show it to the world if it meant they could come join with me.  I know at the bank, my meetings sucked and well now I'm looking forward to them! 

How do I get more people in my business? That's the question.... 
I do my invites, my stickies, my this and that.... I'm creating my 90 day plan and seeing what works and what fails. I will keep you updated!! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The lows

Okay, so I quit my job! What's next?!

Well, we have an amazing thing called, the internet. This allows me to work from home! *TAADAA!* lol So with that amazingness, I started to realize how my social media impacted my work.

When I quit - no joke I quit at a bad time. I didn't have $ saved up - and if you think the military pays well... join and see for yourself. Not that it's a terrible paying job ... and well that's not what this is about. I usually brought in an extra $800 a month from the bank, part time, 11.30 an hour - it honestly was nice for part time. Well since I quit so abruptly it seriously put some damage on our normal spending habits. I honestly didn't understand what I could do to make that money come in again. I knew for a fact I had an opportunity at the palm of my hands, but for some reason I didn't grasp how to use it. We started struggling and well fighting and arguing about money. I felt terrible.

I really had no idea how much my decision impacted our lives, and I'm the one who put us in a bad position. I cried, I seriously just sat down, broke down, and bawled my eyes out. I mean I let my own husband down, and as his wife, I felt like crap. Honest to God, CRAP.

I'm not going to tell you I woke up the next day and made $500.. because I didn't. I'm going to tell you that well, it took time. I went to an event we have called Leadership Development Weekend, and thank the Lord for Sam and Amy Hendricks. Those guys were mind blowing, I mean no joke - when someone says you'd had to of been there, literally there is no other way I could explain it. They taught me key lessons and tips, and how to look up and inspire myself and others. I learned how I could pick up my business and make it start going, at the pace I wanted.

I did it, I started to see more people coming to me about Herbalife. I had posted pictures after pictures and status's and this and that on my social media websites and I went out and talked to people, and said what they told me to say - SIMPLE is what is was. I have finally started to build up my business more and more, I learned that it wasn't about making the money. It is honest to God - caring about other people.
A bit of a reality check I would say. ... I've grown so much stronger with how I do things, why I do them, and what I am able to do next, and it was a lot to do with opening my heart to care more about everyone else.

It wasn't to hard, I really am a loving person - at least that's what I'm told. And really, I genuinely want to see someone as happy as I am because of the same exact thing. I create family, friends, bonds with people over a simple common interest and experience. I LOVE MY JOB NOW.
I may not be making the $800 a month yet, I mean I'm getting there, but all it simply took was the belief that I could do it. I started to dream again, like when I was a little kid. I saw that the possibilities to my future rely on my own work. My work reflects what I am worth and if I put in no work, I am simply worth nothing. If I didn't have my low times of crying, and asking myself why I quit, or why I joined Herbalife; then I wouldn't have the answers and the clear path that I can now follow to my future.

*I am not saying to quit your job and do what I do, this is not for everyone, it is for people willing to put in work and willing to have a dream. Do not quit your job and expect to make millions right away, I'm not even there yet myself - I just know one day I will be.

Here's a picture too to show you just how far I've come with my own weight loss journey, and to show I'm real, I'm honest, I'm just expressing what I know, and how I feel.

I have lost 24 lbs, of fat and gained 5 lbs of muscle. I have some amazing energy and I'm ready to share it with the world!!

"An extensive questionnaire generated responses from more than 200 U.S. Herbalife Independent Distributors about their weight-loss programs and results. They reported weight loss ranging from 4 pounds to 167 pounds and a reduced body mass index (BMI) of 1.5 points to 24.1 points, suggesting that consumption of Herbalife® products is associated with weight loss and improvement in BMI in those ranges. Lean weight gain depends upon individual metabolic factors, exercise and overall diet" 

For my next post
Meal planning, food struggles, and whatever comes to mind :)

Share this with some friends, +1 it, comment, whatever it may be.. email me if you know someone in need of some help - whether an extra $100 could help them with their month, to losing 5 lbs//gaining 5 lbs :)

Friday, June 13, 2014

I answer to no one.

Okay, so after the fluctuating weight, and me actually setting my goal and doing it right;  I decided I needed to make a full on change - again.

I was at the bank, working and doing my regular routine; and I was noticing that I honestly was dreading the day, dreading going to bed because I knew I had to do it all over again, and dreading the pure fact that I had to deal with the people I worked with. (Quite frankly I'm a very blunt person and I don't like to take the crap a lot of people seem to think they can dish out, just because of position or power they think they have.) Now I won't use names, but I had a terrible boss - who doesn't in Corporate America - [now if you love your boss, or all of your co workers, congrats and you have it GOOD]. Anyways, I would show up and always had to have a talk with someone about something that happened at some point. My goodness, I tried I put my effort in - but the more I sat back and observed the people I was around - the more I wanted to just slam someone's head into the counter. Okay...maybe not that intense... however I really didn't appreciate how people spoke to one another, how they demanded and didn't even have the audacity to ask for something that could have been very simple or even the most complex. There was no respect for anyone except the BCM and the AM (with each other only). Let's give an example I guess - just to show how silly but irritating it was.

I had to go in for the regular monthly meeting Friday mornings at 7:45am. No big deal right?! Who cares that I had to leave to go home and come back in at 12:30 for a shift - I could at least get things done around the house, even though staying and getting my day done early would have been just as easy. Well whatever there - at the meeting....
We do role plays - because we have to up-sell credit cards and promote the new things that are happening in the bank * So we practice with one another, and as we get a few moments to go over something and plan what we will be saying to one another, my boss says stop as I'm finishing up a sentence to my partner... and she stops me and well "politely" asks me to be quiet.. yes that is in quotations because yes I'm being very sarcastic. Moving on, I let it go - whatever right - well it was towards the end of the meeting, I started to fold a piece of paper that was handed out, so I could put it in my purse to take home for a while - as I'm doing so [not even loud might I add] she stops. Stops talking in the middle of her sentence and stares at me, thus leading to everyone else just staring at me making me look like a jack ass for FOLDING MY PAPER. She then says "Are you done yet?" !@#$!@%$ is what I felt like saying. Instead I just let it go and said "My bad, yes I am." I know it sounds ridiculous, but being put on the spot for something like this in front of your co workers, and you ending up always being the jack ass...... mmmm no... not for me.

Already frustrated I had to go in for a meeting - when I could have been sleeping... little things that happened in the meeting made me gag at the thought of going back in to work. I sat there and I thought of all the good and all the bad of working at Bank of America - well needless to say there were probably 70 bad things I could think of off the top of my head and then 10 good things. There no longer was the magical feeling that I once had while training, and learning regulars names and having a sucker every now and then. If anyone is good at math or you can just look at it as simple as 1/7 incidences being good - it wasn't enough good to deal with the bad. I was done.

No seriously, I hate it - but this is the song that came on my shuffle right as soon as I was half way home, already cursing her name and despising half the crap that went on the week before. And if anyone knows this song I answer to no one by Colt Ford, then you can imagine my inspiration.
Quickly, I turned around, walked back in and I set me keys on her desk, and said I quit. I can no longer work for you and I just don't feel comfortable anymore. She hardly said a word... "Okay." was all I received. Really?! Not a why, not a anything?! Well I knew she hated me for something I must have done - beats me - honestly she was one of the biggest pains in my ass for no reason.

Fast forward to me getting back in my car. I felt shock, I felt relief, I felt freedom, but most importantly I felt happiness. And thinking more and more, I felt security. I thought "what an idiot, now I won't have a paycheck" .. but what I forgot for a slight moment, was I had something I could create dreams with, and do from the comfort of my own home and well just answer to myself. (and my hubby a little bit - you know the wifely duties I picked up more and focused on).

This, was the best day of my life (work wise). I have never felt such a rush of being able to fire my own boss. I couldn't believe it and my husband thought I was a little crazy, but he completely understood - even when he was deployed he had to listen to my bad day at work.  I'm not saying I will never have another bad day, because I know there will be struggles and there will be a lot of hard work on the road ahead of me, but I just felt at the right place in my life for once.

The struggle is real... lol

*Disclaimer about the bank... They do this for your own good - I can't say they get commission or anything from it. In fact - they do it because they really do want to help you lower interest rates, and establish credit, get more bang for your buck... and I recommend sitting with a banker once a year to go over whats new and how you can improve your finances. :D *

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Taking action

Okay so the next day after the HOM, I came in to sit down with Kevin for a wellness profile. I got on a scale and it read me a bunch of different numbers - only two I knew about was 1. my weight & 2. body fat %. Well, turns out I weighed 178lbs and I had 32.6% body fat! Seriously?! I thought, I am only 20 years old and I'm not even in the 20% range? I wasn't completely shocked at how much I weighed - because I had gone to the doctors not too long ago and I was around 180. 180.... that's what I kept thinking about, I'm 5'9" 20 years old and I weigh nearly 180... I think it's time for a change.
So towards the end of the profile, we ended up signing me up for the business. I was told my products and HMP would come in the mail within a few days.

IT ARRIVED!! WOOHOO, I took pictures I told everyone I knew that I had gotten my product in - and I felt like I was talking to myself. No one was as excited as I was, and over half of them had no idea what I was talking about. I was so bummed but I said hey they will see one of these days when I've lost my 10 lbs and I'm looking good. Yes 10 lbs - that's all I had in mind to lose and somehow thought that I would be at 25% body fat with losing that.

I was so excited, but completely lost!! I had no idea how to make my shakes, what "healthy" meals to make in order to lose the weight, I just knew I had to get started.

The first couple shakes I made - TASTED AWFUL! I mean, I wanted to spit them out - even though I didn't and I bared with them - I don't even remember how I made them now, but the point is I thought I failed and I signed up for a joke. ... Pissed off, I tried texting people and asking everyone HOW do you make your shakes you look so good... yeah well I got a simple answer that I had from the beginning and didn't even realize it. All the recipes that were at the nutrition club, were actually online, HAH who would of thought of that?! :P Man I felt silly, but hey ya live and ya learn right?!

So finally I ended up making some AMAZING tasting shakes, I was getting better at not overfilling my cup with tea and I started to cook a bunch of chicken. That was my groove. Our roommate worked nights, so I was always cooking for myself and eating by myself anyways, so I was at least able to try some "crazy" new recipes that were healthy. My routine at this point was, go to the bank, come home, cook, gym, and come home rest and do it all over again. I was finally feeling secure and happy about what I was doing.

Well one morning I went to get ready for work and get on my business clothes, and make my shake - and guess what!!! My favorite pair of pants, DIDN'T FIT me anymore! Or at least how I thought they should, I mean I had to go through my closet and find a belt - since I hadn't needed one in so long I took my husbands belt - now as frustrated as I was, I was actually extremely happy. I weighed myself and I had lost 10 lbs!! WOOOOOOO!!! I had reached my goal, and what do you know it was perfect timing. It was my birthday, but not just any birthday - it was my 21st birthday!!! YAY!! So we went out and had fun and I felt ten times better knowing I had dropped some weight and I looked good.

To be honest - I lost 2 more lbs, and I stayed around that for a while. I got comfortable and I honestly started slacking off. I was going out and eating whatever and this and that, drinking, and I had my best friend come down from WA to visit so my head wasn't in the game. I gained a couple lbs back and then I would go back and forth on drinking my shakes and not drinking them. I was what I call, inconsistent.

Well, my husband was coming back soon and I knew I wanted to look the best for him :) So back on to my nutrition I went! Two shakes a day, healthy snacks, and my chicken dinners I'd make. He came home and was proud of what I had accomplished and was impressed with how I looked ;) He himself dropped 10 lbs while he was over there, he was using Herbalife as well! I was finally just so happy - I was looking good, he was looking good and I was ready to take this business thing seriously.

Next post..
I quit my job.... yes quit!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where I first started.

Okay, well let's try this again. Again you're thinking - this is the first time I'm reading anything from this lady. Yeah well, I just had my whole first post ready - and when I went to share it on Facebook - my whole page went blank. BLANK ...BLANK.... man I'm sure people can feel the same frustration I just had; so I'm not giving up... here we go.

*disclaimer* I am not a writer, I'm not professional, I'm here to share my goals, dreams, accomplishments, my failures, my struggles, and my success.

Alright, well let me introduce myself. My name is Brielle - I am 21 years old. I originally am from Seattle, WA and now I reside in Tucson, AZ. I am married to an amazing man, no kiddos yet. Although, we do have 8 legs running around us all the time, Thor and Loki. :) I love being outside and soaking up the sun.

So first things first, I will explain where I started before my journey and a little background of what I used to do and how I thought.

When I first came down, I applied everywhere! Finally I got a job and it was working for a bank. After a couple months of training, I was finally on the floor as a teller. I was so excited! When I was a kid, the bank seemed like the coolest place to be. I got suckers, and my mom looked rich to me, and hey every now and again, when it was allowance - I got a $10 bill! SCORE! This place was magical!! So me being grown up and not so imaginative, unfortunately... I didn't see it like that after a while. For anyone that knows me, they tell me how happy of a person I am - outgoing, sometimes I can be cheesy funny, and I try to put a smile on people's faces. ... I started getting down, and too busy, and stressed - and well like any job in corporate america if you don't have a true passion for it. Starbucks was my vice, I mean I drank coffee religiously ( Hello, Seattle girl here!! ) It would help get me through the days, for when my favorite // regular customers didn't come in - it was slow. One day, Jean came in (a local business owner) and she was making her deposit for Cheers To You Nutrition! I had no idea about it but I finally asked and said "What's up with this, what is it?" She chuckled a little and said "Just stop on by, and you will see." As I'm trying to ask her every possible question about it, she keeps saying the same things - come see it, I can show you, etc.

So I show up eventually after a couple months going by. [with the last bit of my frapp in hand]... I walk in and get a bunch of free stuff. COOL! I got some yummy flavored water, some tea, and a shake. As some guys talking my ear off about all the stuff I'm drinking and eating at the time, I just kind of tuned him out. - I had to go back to work, so I was in a hurry and "didn't have time" to sit there and listen. Everything I had was really yummy - and I considered going there instead of coffee and what not, pshhh... yeah right going there instead of coffee.... we'll see.

Three hours later.. I was home and holding open my freezer door. I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner, yet I wasn't really hungry. Matter in fact, I wasn't hungry at all.... a couple more hours pass and my tummy is saying okay I think I can eat now. I mean man I was feeling great! I was just thinking for once my body didn't need to eat everything I see that looked good. My cravings were well a bit curved. Didn't think about it too much, so I made some hot pockets. Time went by and I didn't go back until one day my stomach was acting all funny and I thought it had to be the coffee. I had a ton of friends have stomach issues from drinking all the sugary or coffee drinks. Which I was doing both. Coffee, and ENERGY drinks like no tomorrow! (my husband and I are gamers, and would stay up all night on weekends with pizza rolls and redbull in hand).

So when I went back, I decided hey maybe I should give this guy a chance if he will explain everything again to me. So when I asked - it was Jean this time. She went over that it was mango ALOE water... which is some pretty awesome and yummy tasting stuff. Next we go back to the tea ... " This is green tea, which gives off energy...." She said there was some herbs in there too but I didn't remember anything... hold up energy? Heck yeah I'm All about that!... then "Each cup burns 80-100 calories per cup.. it's like taking a 20 min walk without actually walking" HOLD THE PHONE!!!! it does what?! Magic?! lol I sat there and heard her explain the tea, and I was sold.. done ... put it in my cart... let me check out (if this was a grocery store) So after 2 cups of tea, yes I really went through the tea [raspberry flavored - and there was peach, lemon, and original left to try!!] She brought me over to where we pick out the shake again. Okay I got this!! I picked out Dreamsicle. ~which if anyone knows what orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream tastes like, you will fall in love ~ So before I could say what I was thinking as my first gulp out of the GIANT straw they had for the shakes... she started talking. *note - my thoughts were HOLY MILKSHAKE from the heavens this is good!! * Yes  I thought it was a milkshake that made me feel good. Well... she told me it was a protein based meal replacement. - okay explains why I was full for so long - and that there is only 250 calories or LESS ... OR LESS! WHAT?! and it tastes like this? IMPOSSIBLE! So as she's explaining the healthy stuff about vitamins and minerals, I was just in pure heaven. And saying hey not too shabby! I actually will try this out next time INSTEAD of coffee.. Whaaaat? (insert minion voice).

So - I bring my husband and he had the same reaction as I did... the first time. I'm trying to say how cool it is and he's kind of like... yeah it tastes good... Well so then what do I do, I bring my sister! Jasmine fell in love with it just like I did and we went through the explanation of it again and I just was so curious about it... can I make these anywhere? Do I buy them from you? Do I go to any nutrition club for this? I mean my questions were endless... but his response was as simple as his wives was the first time. Come check it out for yourself, we have a meeting Tuesday night at 7:15pm

HAH a meeting? Oh okay, what is this AA? Mmmm no thanks... Well then I started thinking... damn curiosity. So I drag my sister along and it was to the HOM as it's called... fast forward a little.... after the meeting I felt like I could speak spanish I couldn't shut up! I talked so fast and I was asking this and that and where and how, who, when ... now okay lets go! I set up a time to meet with Kevin and figure out all the details of what to do. I was so excited about something. I mean my husband just left for deployment, I was miserable at my job and I found something that I surprisingly had a new found passion for. Or at least was excited about.

Next post teaser..
This is where it all started....
Well we did a wellness profile - I found out I was in the 30's% for body fat and I was mortified. I was 20 at the time and I was overweight? I mean I thought I was fine... but man... so I said give me the HMP - the membership packet to where I get a discount and I get the products to try it out. ....