Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Where I first started.

Okay, well let's try this again. Again you're thinking - this is the first time I'm reading anything from this lady. Yeah well, I just had my whole first post ready - and when I went to share it on Facebook - my whole page went blank. BLANK ...BLANK.... man I'm sure people can feel the same frustration I just had; so I'm not giving up... here we go.

*disclaimer* I am not a writer, I'm not professional, I'm here to share my goals, dreams, accomplishments, my failures, my struggles, and my success.

Alright, well let me introduce myself. My name is Brielle - I am 21 years old. I originally am from Seattle, WA and now I reside in Tucson, AZ. I am married to an amazing man, no kiddos yet. Although, we do have 8 legs running around us all the time, Thor and Loki. :) I love being outside and soaking up the sun.

So first things first, I will explain where I started before my journey and a little background of what I used to do and how I thought.

When I first came down, I applied everywhere! Finally I got a job and it was working for a bank. After a couple months of training, I was finally on the floor as a teller. I was so excited! When I was a kid, the bank seemed like the coolest place to be. I got suckers, and my mom looked rich to me, and hey every now and again, when it was allowance - I got a $10 bill! SCORE! This place was magical!! So me being grown up and not so imaginative, unfortunately... I didn't see it like that after a while. For anyone that knows me, they tell me how happy of a person I am - outgoing, sometimes I can be cheesy funny, and I try to put a smile on people's faces. ... I started getting down, and too busy, and stressed - and well like any job in corporate america if you don't have a true passion for it. Starbucks was my vice, I mean I drank coffee religiously ( Hello, Seattle girl here!! ) It would help get me through the days, for when my favorite // regular customers didn't come in - it was slow. One day, Jean came in (a local business owner) and she was making her deposit for Cheers To You Nutrition! I had no idea about it but I finally asked and said "What's up with this, what is it?" She chuckled a little and said "Just stop on by, and you will see." As I'm trying to ask her every possible question about it, she keeps saying the same things - come see it, I can show you, etc.

So I show up eventually after a couple months going by. [with the last bit of my frapp in hand]... I walk in and get a bunch of free stuff. COOL! I got some yummy flavored water, some tea, and a shake. As some guys talking my ear off about all the stuff I'm drinking and eating at the time, I just kind of tuned him out. - I had to go back to work, so I was in a hurry and "didn't have time" to sit there and listen. Everything I had was really yummy - and I considered going there instead of coffee and what not, pshhh... yeah right going there instead of coffee.... we'll see.

Three hours later.. I was home and holding open my freezer door. I was trying to figure out what to make for dinner, yet I wasn't really hungry. Matter in fact, I wasn't hungry at all.... a couple more hours pass and my tummy is saying okay I think I can eat now. I mean man I was feeling great! I was just thinking for once my body didn't need to eat everything I see that looked good. My cravings were well a bit curved. Didn't think about it too much, so I made some hot pockets. Time went by and I didn't go back until one day my stomach was acting all funny and I thought it had to be the coffee. I had a ton of friends have stomach issues from drinking all the sugary or coffee drinks. Which I was doing both. Coffee, and ENERGY drinks like no tomorrow! (my husband and I are gamers, and would stay up all night on weekends with pizza rolls and redbull in hand).

So when I went back, I decided hey maybe I should give this guy a chance if he will explain everything again to me. So when I asked - it was Jean this time. She went over that it was mango ALOE water... which is some pretty awesome and yummy tasting stuff. Next we go back to the tea ... " This is green tea, which gives off energy...." She said there was some herbs in there too but I didn't remember anything... hold up energy? Heck yeah I'm All about that!... then "Each cup burns 80-100 calories per cup.. it's like taking a 20 min walk without actually walking" HOLD THE PHONE!!!! it does what?! Magic?! lol I sat there and heard her explain the tea, and I was sold.. done ... put it in my cart... let me check out (if this was a grocery store) So after 2 cups of tea, yes I really went through the tea [raspberry flavored - and there was peach, lemon, and original left to try!!] She brought me over to where we pick out the shake again. Okay I got this!! I picked out Dreamsicle. ~which if anyone knows what orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream tastes like, you will fall in love ~ So before I could say what I was thinking as my first gulp out of the GIANT straw they had for the shakes... she started talking. *note - my thoughts were HOLY MILKSHAKE from the heavens this is good!! * Yes  I thought it was a milkshake that made me feel good. Well... she told me it was a protein based meal replacement. - okay explains why I was full for so long - and that there is only 250 calories or LESS ... OR LESS! WHAT?! and it tastes like this? IMPOSSIBLE! So as she's explaining the healthy stuff about vitamins and minerals, I was just in pure heaven. And saying hey not too shabby! I actually will try this out next time INSTEAD of coffee.. Whaaaat? (insert minion voice).

So - I bring my husband and he had the same reaction as I did... the first time. I'm trying to say how cool it is and he's kind of like... yeah it tastes good... Well so then what do I do, I bring my sister! Jasmine fell in love with it just like I did and we went through the explanation of it again and I just was so curious about it... can I make these anywhere? Do I buy them from you? Do I go to any nutrition club for this? I mean my questions were endless... but his response was as simple as his wives was the first time. Come check it out for yourself, we have a meeting Tuesday night at 7:15pm

HAH a meeting? Oh okay, what is this AA? Mmmm no thanks... Well then I started thinking... damn curiosity. So I drag my sister along and it was to the HOM as it's called... fast forward a little.... after the meeting I felt like I could speak spanish I couldn't shut up! I talked so fast and I was asking this and that and where and how, who, when ... now okay lets go! I set up a time to meet with Kevin and figure out all the details of what to do. I was so excited about something. I mean my husband just left for deployment, I was miserable at my job and I found something that I surprisingly had a new found passion for. Or at least was excited about.

Next post teaser..
This is where it all started....
Well we did a wellness profile - I found out I was in the 30's% for body fat and I was mortified. I was 20 at the time and I was overweight? I mean I thought I was fine... but man... so I said give me the HMP - the membership packet to where I get a discount and I get the products to try it out. ....

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