Thursday, May 22, 2014

Taking action

Okay so the next day after the HOM, I came in to sit down with Kevin for a wellness profile. I got on a scale and it read me a bunch of different numbers - only two I knew about was 1. my weight & 2. body fat %. Well, turns out I weighed 178lbs and I had 32.6% body fat! Seriously?! I thought, I am only 20 years old and I'm not even in the 20% range? I wasn't completely shocked at how much I weighed - because I had gone to the doctors not too long ago and I was around 180. 180.... that's what I kept thinking about, I'm 5'9" 20 years old and I weigh nearly 180... I think it's time for a change.
So towards the end of the profile, we ended up signing me up for the business. I was told my products and HMP would come in the mail within a few days.

IT ARRIVED!! WOOHOO, I took pictures I told everyone I knew that I had gotten my product in - and I felt like I was talking to myself. No one was as excited as I was, and over half of them had no idea what I was talking about. I was so bummed but I said hey they will see one of these days when I've lost my 10 lbs and I'm looking good. Yes 10 lbs - that's all I had in mind to lose and somehow thought that I would be at 25% body fat with losing that.

I was so excited, but completely lost!! I had no idea how to make my shakes, what "healthy" meals to make in order to lose the weight, I just knew I had to get started.

The first couple shakes I made - TASTED AWFUL! I mean, I wanted to spit them out - even though I didn't and I bared with them - I don't even remember how I made them now, but the point is I thought I failed and I signed up for a joke. ... Pissed off, I tried texting people and asking everyone HOW do you make your shakes you look so good... yeah well I got a simple answer that I had from the beginning and didn't even realize it. All the recipes that were at the nutrition club, were actually online, HAH who would of thought of that?! :P Man I felt silly, but hey ya live and ya learn right?!

So finally I ended up making some AMAZING tasting shakes, I was getting better at not overfilling my cup with tea and I started to cook a bunch of chicken. That was my groove. Our roommate worked nights, so I was always cooking for myself and eating by myself anyways, so I was at least able to try some "crazy" new recipes that were healthy. My routine at this point was, go to the bank, come home, cook, gym, and come home rest and do it all over again. I was finally feeling secure and happy about what I was doing.

Well one morning I went to get ready for work and get on my business clothes, and make my shake - and guess what!!! My favorite pair of pants, DIDN'T FIT me anymore! Or at least how I thought they should, I mean I had to go through my closet and find a belt - since I hadn't needed one in so long I took my husbands belt - now as frustrated as I was, I was actually extremely happy. I weighed myself and I had lost 10 lbs!! WOOOOOOO!!! I had reached my goal, and what do you know it was perfect timing. It was my birthday, but not just any birthday - it was my 21st birthday!!! YAY!! So we went out and had fun and I felt ten times better knowing I had dropped some weight and I looked good.

To be honest - I lost 2 more lbs, and I stayed around that for a while. I got comfortable and I honestly started slacking off. I was going out and eating whatever and this and that, drinking, and I had my best friend come down from WA to visit so my head wasn't in the game. I gained a couple lbs back and then I would go back and forth on drinking my shakes and not drinking them. I was what I call, inconsistent.

Well, my husband was coming back soon and I knew I wanted to look the best for him :) So back on to my nutrition I went! Two shakes a day, healthy snacks, and my chicken dinners I'd make. He came home and was proud of what I had accomplished and was impressed with how I looked ;) He himself dropped 10 lbs while he was over there, he was using Herbalife as well! I was finally just so happy - I was looking good, he was looking good and I was ready to take this business thing seriously.

Next post..
I quit my job.... yes quit!!

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