Friday, June 13, 2014

I answer to no one.

Okay, so after the fluctuating weight, and me actually setting my goal and doing it right;  I decided I needed to make a full on change - again.

I was at the bank, working and doing my regular routine; and I was noticing that I honestly was dreading the day, dreading going to bed because I knew I had to do it all over again, and dreading the pure fact that I had to deal with the people I worked with. (Quite frankly I'm a very blunt person and I don't like to take the crap a lot of people seem to think they can dish out, just because of position or power they think they have.) Now I won't use names, but I had a terrible boss - who doesn't in Corporate America - [now if you love your boss, or all of your co workers, congrats and you have it GOOD]. Anyways, I would show up and always had to have a talk with someone about something that happened at some point. My goodness, I tried I put my effort in - but the more I sat back and observed the people I was around - the more I wanted to just slam someone's head into the counter. Okay...maybe not that intense... however I really didn't appreciate how people spoke to one another, how they demanded and didn't even have the audacity to ask for something that could have been very simple or even the most complex. There was no respect for anyone except the BCM and the AM (with each other only). Let's give an example I guess - just to show how silly but irritating it was.

I had to go in for the regular monthly meeting Friday mornings at 7:45am. No big deal right?! Who cares that I had to leave to go home and come back in at 12:30 for a shift - I could at least get things done around the house, even though staying and getting my day done early would have been just as easy. Well whatever there - at the meeting....
We do role plays - because we have to up-sell credit cards and promote the new things that are happening in the bank * So we practice with one another, and as we get a few moments to go over something and plan what we will be saying to one another, my boss says stop as I'm finishing up a sentence to my partner... and she stops me and well "politely" asks me to be quiet.. yes that is in quotations because yes I'm being very sarcastic. Moving on, I let it go - whatever right - well it was towards the end of the meeting, I started to fold a piece of paper that was handed out, so I could put it in my purse to take home for a while - as I'm doing so [not even loud might I add] she stops. Stops talking in the middle of her sentence and stares at me, thus leading to everyone else just staring at me making me look like a jack ass for FOLDING MY PAPER. She then says "Are you done yet?" !@#$!@%$ is what I felt like saying. Instead I just let it go and said "My bad, yes I am." I know it sounds ridiculous, but being put on the spot for something like this in front of your co workers, and you ending up always being the jack ass...... mmmm no... not for me.

Already frustrated I had to go in for a meeting - when I could have been sleeping... little things that happened in the meeting made me gag at the thought of going back in to work. I sat there and I thought of all the good and all the bad of working at Bank of America - well needless to say there were probably 70 bad things I could think of off the top of my head and then 10 good things. There no longer was the magical feeling that I once had while training, and learning regulars names and having a sucker every now and then. If anyone is good at math or you can just look at it as simple as 1/7 incidences being good - it wasn't enough good to deal with the bad. I was done.

No seriously, I hate it - but this is the song that came on my shuffle right as soon as I was half way home, already cursing her name and despising half the crap that went on the week before. And if anyone knows this song I answer to no one by Colt Ford, then you can imagine my inspiration.
Quickly, I turned around, walked back in and I set me keys on her desk, and said I quit. I can no longer work for you and I just don't feel comfortable anymore. She hardly said a word... "Okay." was all I received. Really?! Not a why, not a anything?! Well I knew she hated me for something I must have done - beats me - honestly she was one of the biggest pains in my ass for no reason.

Fast forward to me getting back in my car. I felt shock, I felt relief, I felt freedom, but most importantly I felt happiness. And thinking more and more, I felt security. I thought "what an idiot, now I won't have a paycheck" .. but what I forgot for a slight moment, was I had something I could create dreams with, and do from the comfort of my own home and well just answer to myself. (and my hubby a little bit - you know the wifely duties I picked up more and focused on).

This, was the best day of my life (work wise). I have never felt such a rush of being able to fire my own boss. I couldn't believe it and my husband thought I was a little crazy, but he completely understood - even when he was deployed he had to listen to my bad day at work.  I'm not saying I will never have another bad day, because I know there will be struggles and there will be a lot of hard work on the road ahead of me, but I just felt at the right place in my life for once.

The struggle is real... lol

*Disclaimer about the bank... They do this for your own good - I can't say they get commission or anything from it. In fact - they do it because they really do want to help you lower interest rates, and establish credit, get more bang for your buck... and I recommend sitting with a banker once a year to go over whats new and how you can improve your finances. :D *

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