Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Meal Prepping.

Okay so I didn't have some things so I had to change what I planned on doing, since I used it the night before for meal prepping with someone else :P woops!  I made a couple different types of chicken seasoning, and there will be separate posts for each type of chicken. 

So here's what I had and what I did with it ..

Meal Prepping

Like I mentioned before I use Kirkand // Costco individually wrapped chicken
& These are all the ingredients I used.

This is my first time meal prepping, I learned a lot of what I will be doing better next time, but I am here to share what I do and what is working for me. I have some BETTER ideas for next week and I can't wait to share! Next time it won't be just on the spot.
  1. When meal prepping, you want to be sure to have all the ingredients out and ready to use if you are planning on a couple different meals
  2. Have containers in order to put the planned out meals together and to store in the fridge. 

First,  do your basic pre-meal ritual, wash your hands, your meat, lay it all out on a cutting board.. get your stuff prepared. 

Cut off all the FAT!

Chop it all up or you can keep full breasts too

Honey Mustard Chicken
BBQ Chicken
Chili Chicken
Or you can just create a blend of seasoned chicken with your choice of flavor and add the rest to your meal :)

When you've picked out what season you put on your chicken or what recipe you chose to follow, be sure to get other things going while it is cooking. 


Well my husband is against the skin on carrots for whatever reason, so I of course peal them and make them into fresh carrot sticks. You can keep the skin on and just chop them like I do below.
I cut off the ends and then cut the carrots in half, just enough to fit in a couple small square containers.  
With the picture on the right, I just cut up the rest of the carrots that didn't fit the the containers and put it with the rest of the peppers. I eat green peppers raw and sometimes with a little Italian dressing. Or Goddess dressing. 

Cut all the ends off and rinse the asparagus :) 
 I put a little bit of olive oil (you can use vegetable oil too) minced onions, along with a couple cloves of garlic. Then - place the asparagus in the pan to saute them. When they start getting soft that's when you know they are done. I forgot to take pictures of them close up - but I do have some in the containers at the end. 
You don't want them to be too soft, or too hard. -Depending on how you like it too I guess- But too soft, it will just get soggy and not something you will appreciate a couple days later.

I tried a new kind of rice, I found this at Costco and it's nice because it doesn't take long to cook but it had Quinoa in it and still a healthy choice. 

So when everything is set aside, and finished cooking; it's time to get it all together. 

 For my containers:
I use 1/4 cup of rice and smaller amounts of chicken. I am waiting to get a food scale. :) 
I just keep mine simple, smaller, but lean. 

For my hubby's containers:
I give him a 1/2 a cup - 3/4 cup rice and a bit more chicken. He needs it more than I do :) I will also add 3-5 more pieces of asparagus. 

This is the carrots, the green beans, the peppers, the chicken dinners, all ready and prepped to go for the week. <3 

I hope you all enjoyed this, it was my first time. No worries, I will be getting better and I have been learning so much for new tips and tricks on what to do next. Thanks for reading!!!

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