Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Honey Mustard Chicken

Thank you momma

You are such a great cook and so I decided to put this in with my meal prepping! 

Okay, I used a couple simple ingredients. 

-Dijon Honey Mustard
-Johnny's Seasoning Salt

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl. I eye ball everything on this because it is to taste. I first put in the mustard, then I will add honey but not too much because I don't like mine too sweet. I throw a dash of the Seasoning Salt, and then add a splash of beer. Why I use beer - it adds extra flavor, I'm not using much of it so there's hardly any calories, and it cooks well with chicken. 
Everything turns out to taste, if you like your's sweeter, then put more honey, The consistency needs to be thick but not a paste.

 I had to add a little extra mustard in mine, so like I said, everything is to taste :) 

Then you will add the chicken to let it marinate for 15-30 mins

While you are meal prepping, this can sit in the bowl with a lid on for the chicken to soak up the flavor. When you are done prepping everything and ready to start putting things on the stove; take the lid off and it will be ready! 


I put this chicken with asparagus, and rice.

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