Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Okay so we struggle with motivation do we not?

I know a lot of people who do, and well myself at times too. I often see people give up after 4 weeks or after 2, 3 weeks even 5 days. We struggle with it because we are not empowering our mind - we are not keeping in mind what matters most. Our goals and our dreams - they are very similar, one just has a deadline does it not? The dreams can be accomplished if we meet our goals, and meet the expectations we set out for ourselves.

So I have a picture that I've been hesitant on posting - because it's out of my comfort zone. Yet when I look at it, I feel SO good about myself. I often find myself struggling with the ideology of what others think and what they WOULD think if I DID post it. Why do I find struggle with it, when it in turn motivates me to do better? To think better? To act better? Because as a woman, I have been told many times. I mean many times by society to stay covered up. (Yet bikini's are okay? :P ) From TV, peers, parents, teachers, grandparents, boyfriends, you name it - it is out there as skanky or too risque if we show more skin than we are supposed to.

Now I'm in the fitness and wellness field and damn it I love how my body is being shaped more and more every day. Coming from lack of motivation and self esteem issues I would never of even taken a picture close to this one, or for that matter in my sports bra, my spandex, hardly in my bathing suit (would delete most that showed my stomach before they ended up on Facebook or anywhere else.) So anyways, I coach people day in and day out, I see beautiful bodies transforming right in front of me! I appreciate what everyone looks like now, healthy isn't [I want to be skinny] Healthy is eating right, exercising enough to make a different pattern, it's healthy thinking about yourself and the confidence, it's allowing motivation to actually motivate you and take you somewhere. 200 lbs 500 lbs 150 lbs, I see it all, I'm proud of it all.
*If my team is reading this now, I love you and I really love your bodies and you as people, I'm proud of where you are taking yourself and what you are doing! *

So back to my body now, It has CURVES!!! and WOWZA I'm proud of myself I did something in my life that I take with me everyday and that I can feel great and look great! So 24lbs of fat later, I still kept my ass and I still kept my womanly parts. I don't have a problem saying it now, and from this picture I am going to do even more, I'm motivated that progress takes time and my fitness goals and my dreams will be accomplished.

Wake up in the morning and know today, YOU WONT QUIT! 
You will keep going towards your goals, because that is what matters!
It isn't the dress or the bikini, it is YOU - YOU have to want it and YOU have to strive for it!
If you don't know how, ask someone who does and who can help you. 
Give it 12 weeks before you give up.

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